ORSKOREA provides our clients with the highest quality spindles. Belt design spindles and high frequency spindles that can operate at high speed and different speed settings from large capacity built-in motor spindles to hydro-dynamic (static) spindles. For strong, high speed and high precision spindles, ORSKOREA is the answer to all your needs.

ORSKOREA offers a variety of customized solutions for spindles from the standard products. We promise to supply you with the best quality and the best price at any time

Spindles are one of the critical parts in a grinding machine. ORSKOREA’S spindles are the highest speed spindles manufactured in Korea. For strong, high speed and high precision spindles, ORSKOREA is your solution.

ORSKOREA is the best choice for spindles.

ORSKOREA’s Grinding Machine & Spindles

01 High Speed

ORSKOREA leads the spindles manufacturing technology in

Korea. Our high frequency spindles reach speed up to 120,000

rpm, which is the highest speed spindle manufactured

in Korea.

02 Technological Partnership

We are the only company in Korea that has a technological

partnership with ORS Inc. by combining the know-hows of machine

and spindle manufacturing with precision bearing manufacturing

and production. We understand the machine operators and

engineers needs and seek for better solution for them.

03 High Stiffness

In order to ensure the highest output and durability, ORSKOREA

uses hybrid ceramic angular bearings from German. We always

provide our clients with the highest DMN standard products.

04 Precision Bearing

We use ultra-precision bearings (ISOP2) for our spindles.

For top quality spindles this is the industry standard which

ORSKOREA abides.

05 Balancing

To reduce vibration, ORSKOREA engineered and built our

spindles with VPT (Vibration Prevention Technology) to prevent

unbalancing. This process is done by Static and Dynamic


06 Quality Parts

ORSKOREA’s spindles are manufactured with the highest

quality parts. This allows our spindles to operate at the highest

level of accuracy and precision.

07 Patents

ORSKOREA is a holder of a diverse spindle patent portfolio. We

currently have five patents for high-frequency motor spindles

and apply them to our products every year.

08 Originality

Applying extensive innovative ideas came from our extensive

experience in spindles manufacturing, we continuously invest

in research and development to expand our knowledge.

09 Customization

Our comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities

can accommodate different needs of our clients. Our product

scope of spindles ranges from 10,000 rpm to 120,000 rpm.


10 Reliable Partner

ORSKOREA is a reliable partner. From Built-in (HF) motor

spindles, Hydro-Static/ Dynamic spindles to Belt-Driven

spindles and more. ORSKOREA will always provide you the

best spindle solution.