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Honorary citizenship ceremony at the city hall reception room and presented a plaque and medal to ORSKOREA’s CEO Ahmet Aslan


On the 6th, Changwon City (Mayor Seong-Mu Heo) held an honorary citizenship ceremony 

at the city hall reception room and presented a plaque and medals to ORSKOREA’s CEO Ahmet Aslan.

He is the ninth honorary citizen of Changwon City as a whole and the fourth honorary citizen among foreigners.

Ahmet Aslan, the CEO of Türkiye’s ORS (located in Ankara, the capital of Türkiye), Europe’s top precision bearing manufacturer, 

has a deep interest in contributing to regional economic development through foreign capital investment and promoting 

friendly cooperation between Changwon and Ankara in Türkiye. We have cooperated in raising the status 

of Changwon City not only in the field but also in the field of diplomacy.

ORS’s investment is a success story that has contributed greatly to the expansion of exports and technological development 

of local companies through overseas joint investment, and a bridgehead that can pave the way for Turkish companies to 

advance into our city in the future in the sense of entering the first Turkish company in Changwon expected to play a role.

Changwon Mayor Heo Seong-moo said, “I sincerely congratulate you on becoming a member of our city, and also thank you for your contribution to regional development and your interest in promoting international diplomatic friendship.I ask you to play an important role in promoting it.”

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