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Employee Training for Better Teamwork

On July 1st, ORSKOREA prepared an employee training. The main topic was the ‘Value of Working Together’. This event was prepared by a well-known Korean hiker, Mr. Park Jeong-heon. Mr. Park survived after serious body injuries at the Himalayan mountains in 2005. However, after 7years, he finally made it to conquer the Himalayan mountain in 2012. Mr. Park emphasized the value of cooperation, saying, “If I was alone, I would never have been able to overcome the great difficulties in my life. It was only possible because I was with my team .” ORSKOREA has been actively encouraging our employees to spread the cooperative organizational culture in various ways, since we set ‘communication, cooperation’ as a vital value for 2022. We will continue this effort to achieve the best team work at our company.

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